Intentional Torts

Four University of Arizona Football Players Arrested

The following article was written by Spencer Wingate.

The University of Arizona’s student newspaper, the Arizona Daily, has reported the Tucson Police Department arrested four UA football players for their role in a brawl last weekend. Police reports cite sophomore cornerback Jourdon Grandon, offensive tackle Fabbians Ebbele, offensive lineman Eric Bender, and safety Jared Tevis were arrested on charges of trespassing. Grandon, Ebbele, and Bender were additionally charged with assault.

Police responded to an assault and burglary call in the early morning hours of March 2nd. Upon arrival, officers saw a white Lincoln Navigator speeding away from the home of five UA students. Police promptly pulled over the Navigator. Tevis, Robbins, Grandon, Ebbele, and junior defensive tackle Justin Washington were removed from the Navigator as police began to interview witnesses at the scene. Washington was not charged in the incident.  Police determined the residents of the home were having a party and had invited Tevis to come. When Tevis arrived with four other men, they were asked to leave. Former UA safety Joshua Robbins, who drove the players to the party, then allegedly shoved a woman. She supposedly responded by slapping him and Robbins subsequently punched her. It is alleged that the football players left following the incident, but threatened they would come back. The men returned later with a large group of friends and stormed into the party causing a huge brawl. Witnesses stated Ebbele forcibly entered by punching everyone who came in his path. Grandon was allegedly seen punching females during the brawl.

The residents stated they wanted to press charges against the men. The players denied they were involved in the physical altercation, but were still charged. UA Athletic Director Greg Byrne said in a press release the school will be fully cooperative with police and disciplinary action will be handled accordingly.