Contractual Issues

Baseball Agency Suing Former Client and Chicago Cubs Prospect

The following article was written by Spencer Wingate.

Cuban defector Yasiel Balaguer is being sued by his former agency, Miami Sports Consulting LLC, for breaching his contract. On February 22, 2011, Balaguer signed a contract for MSC to represent him. The contract entitled the sports agency to the standard 5% of his contract. The lawsuit claims Balaguer understood he would be sued for breaching the contract.

Balaguer signed with the Chicago Cubs in December 2011 for $400,000. According to the contract, MSC was entitled to $20,000. Balaguer never paid MSC, and then signed with Jamie Torres Sports Management. MSC decided to sue Balaguer for violating his contract. Their lawsuit claims MSC is additionally owed $200,896.91 for providing housing, transportation, and necessities to not only Balaguer but also his mother, Gloria Gonzales Moralez. MSC maintains it is owed the expenses for allowing Balaguer to live comfortably and train before signing with the Cubs. The company is also seeking interest that continues to accumulate and whatever additional award the court deems fair. MSC contends that it upheld its contractual obligations but Balaguer did not. MSC believes it is Balaguer’s responsibility to reimburse the agency.

Balaguer arrived to Miami in November 2010, seeking a multi-million dollar contract. Before defecting from Cuba, he was considered an elite prospect and exceptional outfielder. After trying out for several teams, he finally signed with the Cubs, and now he faces legal trouble.  MSC is represented by Darren Heitner of Wolfe Law Miami, P.A. (and owner of this website).