Darren Heitner with client Leon McKenzie of Sure Sports Lending.
Darren Heitner with client Leon McKenzie of Sure Sports Lending.

“Sure Sports initially sought out general counsel who was well versed in the respective CBA for NBA, MLB, NHL and NFL. In 2009, SSL retained a law firm following their hire of Darren Heitner. Darren’s industry knowledge, exposure and forward thinking was the type of representation needed to excel in this niche industry of athlete lending.

Darren has been crucial in building relationships with our Banks’ counsel by answering structural questions and explaining the risks and mitigants of the player contracts. He has helped us minimize our exposure to any industry pitfalls by clearly outlining the precise levels of recourse. Darren has helped us gain national exposure as the industry leader and provided us with direct access to the most successful agents in the industry.

Sure Sports has stayed loyal to Darren as he has advanced his career and his level of detail and attentiveness has only increased since he started Heitner Legal. There isn’t a sports attorney in the country that will protect your interests better for your current situation or your foreseeable future. In addition, Darren’s industry savvy is uniquely geared to all aspects of the sports and entertainment industry.” – Leon McKenzie, President at Sure Sports Lending LLC


“I have known Darren for the past few years in multiple roles and in each one I have found him to be hard working, conscientious, easy to communicate with & able to provide analysis of complex business issues. I have solicited Darren’s advice and have hired him to help us with some intellectual property matters and would strongly recommend him to others.” Rob Katz, Co-founder Check-in For Good & Webonise


Yuri Tsyganov of Yuri Tsyganov, PL: I called Darren when I needed help with registering the trademarks and copyrights for the slogans on my website. He quickly identified all of the issues and was able to start work on my case the same business day. I was very impressed with how motivated, knowledgeable, and passionate Darren was about his work. In the end, the service was great and the results even better. Thank you for your help Darren!

Natalie Mikolich of NPM | PR Inc: I am very fortunate to have been referred, and introduced, to Darren Heitner by Jonathan Blue. Darren is not only resourceful, timely and exceptionally knowledgeable in the sports industry, but a one-of-a-kind lawyer who is also personable with a great personality. As a sports publicist running a boutique public relations agency, having Darren in my corner has brought a new sense of security to my day-to-day practices and dealings with others and I would recommend him to anyone needing legal assistance on a variety of matters in today’s competitive, and always evolving, sports industry.

Aymara Del Aguila, CEO/Co-Founder at SportsManias: Darren is a savvy attorney with a unique mix of law and sports expertise. His innovative insights as to the intersection of these two powerful industries creates an advantage to companies that he represents within both worlds.

Michael Vento, Founder at MyFuelUp: Darren has been a valuable asset to my startup for over a year, successfully applying for multiple trademarks on our behalf and answering the tough legal questions my team cannot handle. We appreciate the support and hope to continue our relationship with Darren into the far future.

Shaun P. Herness, Ph.D.: Darren Heitner is the only attorney  I’ve met that communicates effectively with the client and gets things done in a timely manner.  I’ve never had to engage in continuous follow-up efforts for him to complete his professional obligations. He is on top of things!  Darren’s respect for his clients is demonstrated in the manner that he conducts himself in his relationship with them.  Darren understands that he works for the client and that the client doesn’t work for him!

“Wise athletes hire HEITNER LEGAL to protect IP, and Athlete Web Design to build a brand.” – Tim Evans, Athlete Web Design

“Darren Heitner did a great job handling my case. I’m a graphic designer and had a big client who not only claimed that he owned my intellectual property, but also refused to pay me for work performed. I really needed an attorney who specialized in intellectual property matters, and Darren Heitner handled my case. He was very professional, easy to speak with, and resolute in wanting justice served. He worked hard on my case and within the budget I could afford, and in the end the other party paid to settle. I highly recommend Darren Heitner to anyone who needs an attorney specializing in copyright and intellectual property matters.” – Betty Shonts

“I appreciate Darren’s support.  I’m building my dream company and it’s great to have guys like Darren to help me.” – Chris Dey, Founder of Athlete Originals

“Darren knows his stuff. In my experience working with him he’s demonstrated innovation, initiative, and ambition, all of which I know will contribute to his success in his future endeavors.” – Pete Vlastelica, SVP, Digital at Fox Sports

“Mr. Heitner is an experienced and aggressive litigator. Even more impressive, however, is his innate ability to negotiate and mediate deals for his clients. After working with Mr. Heitner, one thing is clear, he is a “straight-shooter,” something that is hard to find in the legal field. For better or worse, Mr. Heitner will give you honest advice. The most compelling sign of a true professional is what I term “turn-away power.” Mr. Heitner will not waste your time or resources unless there is something he can do for you. Accordingly, if he works with you, it’s a great investment. Look out for Mr. Heitner in the near future on an international level.” – Marcus Susen, Litigation Attorney at Koch Parafinczuk & Wolf, P.A.

“I am very pleased with how this entire situation was resolved and thank you for your great work.” – Clare Rosa, Principal Halo Medical Technologies LLC

“Darren is at the top of his game. He’s one of the most highly motivated, intelligent, and detail-oriented people I know.” – Andrew Delaney, Attorney at Martin & Associates, P.C.

“Darren has proven to be a pioneer in the sports/entertainment industry. He has established his powerful and growing brand through his tireless work ethic and exemplary skill set. Every high school, college, and graduate student would be wise to look at the path Darren has created for himself. Even more important than his accomplishments, Darren is a great guy who is always willing to help.” – Elliot Solop, Matrimonial Associate at Ansell Grimm & Aaron, P.C.

“It would be hard to sum up Darren’s dedication, talent, skill or motivation in this forum and I am happy to recommend him for any opportunities personally. He has helped revolutionize the business of sports and does so in a selfless fashion, which is rare. He passionately and intelligently desires not just to be the best, but to make any situation better. I am proud to call him a colleague.” – John Phillips, Principal at The Law Office of John M. Phillips

“Not every day you receive notice your Trademark was approved !!! Thanks Darren Adam Heitner for all you do !!! Anyone in the Sports, eSports, Gaming sectors seeking counsel look no further than Darren !!!” – Randy Kasper, Co-Founder at Poker Players International

“Darren is a skilled and dedicated attorney. He strives to produce the best results for his clients and is a tenacious litigator. Would highly recommend.” – Michael Brevda, Managing Shareholder at Senior Justice Law Firm