• Intellectual Property

      We offer a wide array of services (including but not limited to protection, enforcement and litigation) concerning trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and publicity rights.

      Practice Areas: TrademarksCopyrightsRight of PublicityCybersquatting

    • Sports & Entertainment

      We specialize in niche practice areas such as sports & entertainment, where our specific experience and knowledge separates us from other law firms.

      Practice Areas: SportsEntertainment, Gaming

    • Business

      Building a corporation or company is just the start. Contracts are at the heart of most transactional and litigation matters. We draft, negotiate, redline and revise agreements and advocate for our clients in court.

      Practice Areas: ContractsCorporate Entities

  • What We Offer

      • Honesty
        Expectations will be managed; promises will not be made.
      • Diligence
        While results cannot be guaranteed, immense effort will be delivered.
      • Communication
        We make ourselves readily available by email, phone, text, etc.
      • Respect
        No matter, case or controversy is the same. We will treat each item with the respect it deserves.
  • What Clients Say